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The Razor’s Edge **** (1946, Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, Clifton Webb, Herbert Marshall, John Payne, Anne Baxter, Lucile Watson, Frank Latimore, Elsa Lanchester) – Classic Movie Review 5135

The 20th Century-Fox film studio and producer Darryl F Zanuck splashed out on a plush production for director Edmund Goulding’s diverting, if over-long (146 minutes) and meandering 1946 film version of W Somerset Maugham’s engrossing […]

Mar, 11

Waterland **½ (1992, Jeremy Irons, Sinéad Cusack, Ethan Hawke, Grant Warnock, David Morrissey, John Heard) – Classic Movie Review 5137

Jeremy Irons stars as a Tom Crick, a disillusioned high school history teacher who has been a teacher in an American school for 20 years but is having trouble connecting with his students and his […]

Mar, 11

The Waterdance **** (1992, Eric Stoltz, Helen Hunt, Wesley Snipes, William Forsythe) – Classic Movie Review 5133

Three very different men in wheelchairs confront their lives in a rehabilitation centre, in this warm and funny 1992 film, written and co-directed by Neal Jimenez, drawing on his personal experiences. Writer/ author Joel Garcia […]

Mar, 11

The Saint of Fort Washington *** (1993, Matt Dillon, Danny Glover, Rick Aviles, Nina Siemaszko, Ving Rhames, Joe Seneca) – Classic Movie Review 5134

Matt Dillon plays an emotionally disturbed, probably schizophrenic young man who is made homeless, then meets up with down-on-his-luck Vietnam vet Danny Glover at New York’s Fort Washington men’s homeless shelter, a harrowing place wracked […]

Mar, 11

River’s Edge **** (1986, Crispin Glover, Keanu Reeves, Ione Skye, Roxana Zal, Daniel Roebuck, Dennis Hopper) – Classic Movie Review 5132

Director Tim Hunter’s notable 1986 cult success boasts outstanding, memorable eccentric acting turns from Dennis Hopper as Feck, a crippled drugs supplier, and Crispin Glover as Layne, a crazy customer. Neal Jimenez is the writer […]

Mar, 10

Normal Life **** (1996, Luke Perry, Ashley Judd, Bruce A Young) – Classic Movie Review 5131

This outstanding 1996 Bonnie and Clyde-style neo noir crime thriller comes from John McNaughton, the director of the highly controversial Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986). Former TV sex magnet Luke (Beverly Hills 90210) Perry […]

Mar, 10

Normal **½ (2003, Tom Wilkinson, Jessica Lange, Hayden Panettiere, Clancy Brown) – Classic Movie Review 5130

Writer-director Jane Anderson’s nice spirited, if uncomfortable and not entirely successful 2003 drama is set around the lives of a married couple, Roy and Irma (Tom Wilkinson, Jessica Lange), in a church-going, Middle America community. […]

Mar, 10


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