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One False Move **** (1991, Bill Paxton, Cynda Williams, Billy Bob Thornton, Jim Metzler, Michael Beach, Earl Billings) – Classic Movie Review 5365

Bill Paxton’s big break came with his lead role in director Carl Franklin’s critically acclaimed 1991 neo film noir about the hunt for a trio of gangsters holed up in an Arkansas small town after […]

Apr, 29

Handle with Care [Citizens Band] **** (1977, Paul LeMat, Candy Clark, Ann Wedgeworth, Marcia Rodd, Charles Napier) – Classic Movie Review 5364

Writer-director Jonathan Demme’s appealing fourth movie (after Caged Heat, Crazy Mama and Fighting Mad) is this 1977 cult comedy about citizens’ band radio fanatics with names like Spider (Paul LeMat), Papa Thermodyne (Roberts Blossom) and Hot Coffee (Alix Elias). […]

Apr, 29

Fighting Mad *** (1976, Peter Fonda, Lynn Lowry, John Doucette, Philip Carey, Scott Glenn) – Classic Movie Review 5363

Writer-director Jonathan Demme’s third movie (after 1974’s Caged Heat and 1975’s Crazy Mama) is this exciting and effective 1976 Roger Corman-produced cheapie ($600,000) exploitation crime action thriller. Happily, Demme’s expertly handled vengeance movie now enjoys status […]

Apr, 29

Crazy Mama *** (1975, Cloris Leachman, Ann Sothern, Linda Purl, Stuart Whitman, Jim Backus, Tisha Sterling) – Classic Movie Review 5362

Director Jonathan Demme’s second movie (after Caged Heat) is this exciting 1975 exploitation crime thriller, with the young Demme again working for Roger Corman’s New World Pictures production company. Robert Thom’s screenplay is based on the […]

Apr, 29

Caged Heat *** (1974, Juanita Brown, Erica Gavin, Roberta Collins, Barbara Steele) – Classic Movie Review 5361

Writer-director Jonathan Demme makes his impressive and inventive film début in 1974 with this women-in-prison exploitation movie, made for producer Roger Corman. A sensationalist tale of rape, riot and revenge, it is the start of a […]

Apr, 29

Bulldog Drummond **** (1929, Ronald Colman, Joan Bennett, Claud Allister, Lilyan Tashman, Montague Love, Lawrence Grant, Wilson Benge) – Classic Movie Review 5360

Writer Herman C McNeile (Sapper)’s British ex-army officer adventurer Captain Hugh Bulldog Drummond first appeared in a couple of silent movies – Bulldog Drummond (1922) with Carlyle Blackwell and The Third Round (1925) with Jack […]

Apr, 28

A Double Life **** (1947, Ronald Colman, Shelley Winters, Signe Hasso, Edmond O’Brien, Millard Mitchell, Ray Collins) – Classic Movie Review 5359

Director George Cukor’s 1947 double Oscar-winning film noir crime thriller stars Ronald Colman, who is on sensitive, Oscar- and Golden Globe-winning Best Actor form as a tortured actor called Anthony John, who is increasingly tormented […]

Apr, 28


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