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The Mummy **½ (2017, Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Courtney B Vance, Russell Crowe) – Movie Review

There is no doubt that The Mummy is a great looker in IMAX 3D. It is a quite brilliant production, with astounding state-of-the-art visual effects, photography and set designs, and that is a good start. […]

Jun, 09 · in Reviews

Wallace and Gromit’s World of Invention **** (2010, voice of Peter Sallis) – Classic Movie Review 5565

Peter Sallis’s last role as Wallace was in Wallace and Gromit’s World of Invention in 2010, the same year he played Norman ‘Cleggy’ Clegg in the final episode of TV’s Last of the Summer Wine, being the only […]

Jun, 09 · in Reviews

The Wrong Trousers **** (1993, voice of Peter Sallis) – Classic Movie Review 5566

Co-writer/ director Nick Park’s amusing, clever, and appealing 1993 Oscar-winning animated short film is the second of his four Academy Award winners, following Creature Comforts (1989). Peter Sallis again voices Wallace, who is used by […]

Jun, 09

Creature Comforts **** (1989, voice of Julie Sedgewick) – Classic Movie Review 5564

Zoo animals state their case in writer-director Nick Park’s clever, appealing 1989 Oscar-winning animated short film, the first of his four Academy Awards, followed by The Wrong Trousers (1993), A Close Shave (1995) and the Best Animated Feature […]

Jun, 08

A Grand Day Out **** (1993, voice of Peter Sallis) Classic Movie Review 5563

Co-writer/ director Nick Park’s 25-minute Aardman 1993 Wallace and Gromit cartoon adventure is a richly enjoyable Oscar-nominated Best Animated Short Film, with a winning mix of comedy, cute Plasticine figures and charming stop motion animation. […]

Jun, 08

A Close Shave **** (1995, voices of Peter Sallis, Anne Reid) – Classic Movie Review 5562

Co-writer/ director Nick Park’s 30-minute Aardman 1995 Wallace and Gromit cartoon adventure – this time involving window-cleaners and sheep-sealers – is constantly inventive and hilarious. It won its maker Nick Park his third Oscar for […]

Jun, 08

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying **** (1967, Robert Morse, Michele Lee, Rudy Vallee) – Classic Movie Review 5447

Writer/ producer/ director David Swift’s 1967 musical is a most enjoyable, very jolly film of a great Broadway show about the New York window cleaner called J Pierpont Finch (Robert Morse) who consults the title book […]

Jun, 08



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