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"The Review's Better Than The Film"

Beauty and the Beast *** (2017, Dan Stevens, Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Kevin Kline) – Movie Review

Director Bill Condon’s fairy tale musical is romantic, warm and good hearted. It has a charming, sweet nature that is easy to like and hard to take against. It is slickly and smoothly made in […]

Mar, 03 · in Reviews

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World **** (1963, Spencer Tracy, Milton Berle, Ethel Merman, Jimmy Durante, Sid Caesar, Buddy Hackett, Mickey Rooney, Phil Silvers, Terry-Thomas, Peter Falk) – Classic Movie Review 5094

Producer-director Kramer delivers what it says on the tin – ‘a comedy to end all comedies’ – in a bright and breezy epic madcap cross-country chase farce that skilfully piles up daffy turns, funny gags […]

Mar, 03 · in Reviews

It Runs in the Family *** (2003, Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas, Bernadette Peters, Cameron Douglas, Diana Douglas, Michelle Monaghan, Rory Culkin) – Classic Movie Review 5094

The long-awaited meeting of Michael Douglas and his father Kirk Douglas on film had to wait till Kirk was 87 and had suffered a major stroke. Still, better late than never. In director Fred Schepisi’s […]

Mar, 03

The Battle of Algiers [La Battaglia di Algeri] ***** (1965, Brahim Haggiag, Jean Martin, Yacef Saadi, Tommaso Neri, Semia Kerbash, Michelle Kerbash) – Classic Movie Review 5093

Director Gillo Pontecorvo’s 1965 film is a masterly reconstruction in CinemaScope of violent events in Algiers from 1954 to 1957, with an intense personal tale about a petty criminal (Brahim Haggiag [Hadjadj]) recruited into the […]

Mar, 02

It Should Happen to You ***** (1954, Judy Holliday, Jack Lemmon, Peter Lawford) – Classic Movie Review 5092

Director George Cukor’s 1954 classic comedy stars Judy Holliday as model girl Gladys Glover, who spends $1,000 to advertise herself on a giant New York billboard in her desperate big to get famous – even […]

Mar, 01

Bell, Book and Candle **** (1958, James Stewart, Kim Novak, Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovacs, Hermione Gingold, Elsa Lanchester, Janice Rule) – Classic Movie Review 5091

Director Richard Quine’s super-tasty 1958 comedy is lightweight but delicious Fifties fantasy fun, based on the play John Van Druten, with an expert screenplay by Daniel Taradash. With Technicolor cinematography by James Wong Howe and sets […]

Mar, 01

Picnic **** (1955, William Holden, Kim Novak, Arthur O’Connell, Rosalind Russell, Susan Strasberg, Cliff Robertson, Betty Field, Nick Adams) – Classic Movie Review 5090

Director Joshua Logan’s heated and touching 1955 romantic drama is a high-powered version of William Inge’s Pulitzer prize-winning play about sexual turmoil in a small Kansas town. All the star players grab their chances to […]

Mar, 01



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