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For a Cop’s Hide [Pour La Peau d’un Flic] ** (1981, Alain Delon, Anne Parillaud, Michel Auclair, Daniel Ceccaldi, Jean-Pierre Darras) – Classic Movie Review 5555

Alain Delon himself co-writes and directs this popular 1981 French crime-thriller that goes well for while but starts to unravel way before the end. Several of the original cast reappear in this sequel to Three […]

Jun, 05 · in Reviews

Three Men to Kill [Trois Hommes à Abattre] *** (1980, Alain Delon, Dalila Di Lazzaro, Michel Auclair, Pierre Dux) – Classic Movie Review 5554

Working with director Jacques Deray as producer and co-writer, Alain Delon finds himself a useful role in this fairly taut, well handled and exciting 1980 French low-life crime thriller. The 45-year-old Delon stars as Michel […]

Jun, 05 · in Reviews

Borsalino *** (1970, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon, Catherine Rouvel) – Classic Movie Review 5553

Director Jacques Deray’s stylish 1970 Thirties-set crime movie is the ideal vehicle for Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo. Delon and Belmondo play petty criminals Roch Siffredi and François Capella, who graduate into big-time mobsters down Marseilles way, […]

Jun, 04

Le Chat [The Cat] **** (1971, Jean Gabin, Simone Signoret, Annie Cordy, Jacques Rispal, Nicole Desailly) – Classic Movie Review 5552

Co-writer/ director Pierre Granier-Deferre’s compelling and disturbing 1971 film adaptation of a novel by Georges Simenon about a late middle-aged Parisian couple’s troubled, angst-ridden domestic life, which is characterised by a shared disgust and the […]

Jun, 04

The Widow Couderc [La veuve Couderc] **** (1971, Alain Delon, Simone Signoret, Ottavia Piccolo, Jean Tissier, Monique Chaumette) – Classic Movie Review 5551

Alain Delon and Simone Signoret are outstanding in director Pierre Granier-Deferre‘s excellent 1971 film adaptation of the Georges Simenon novel. As a drama, it is more of a nuanced character study than a thriller, and, as […]

Jun, 04

The Burned Barns [Les granges brûlées] *** (1973, Simone Signoret, Alain Delon, Paul Crauchet) – Classic Movie Review 5550

Co-writer/ director Jean Chapot’s 1973 French whodunit thriller puts infidelity, guilty secrets and family discords right to the forefront of its agenda. The setting is a large, lonely snowbound farm house, and, when a brutal […]

Jun, 04

Bullseye! * (1990, Michael Caine, Roger Moore, Sally Kirkland) – Classic Movie Review 5549

Michael Caine and Roger Moore pair up for the first time and form a tremendous British star double act as colourful conmen with cash flow problems and remarkable resemblances to dishonest scientists. Cue producer-director Michael […]

Jun, 04



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