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Letter from an Unknown Woman ***** (1948, Joan Fontaine, Louis Jourdan, Mady Christians) – Classic Movie Review 5247

Director Max Ophüls’s gloriously romantic 1948 movie provides a memorable walk on the wild side of romance here as Joan Fontaine’s character Lisa Berndle is overwhelmed by unrequited love for dashing but self-obsessed womanising pianist Stefan Brand (played […]

Apr, 03 · in Reviews

Letter to Brezhnev **** (1985, Margi Clarke, Alexandra Pigg, Peter Firth, Alfred Molina) – Classic Movie Review 5246

Director Chris Bernard’s 1985 British comedy drama has a fine star team in Margi Clarke, Alexandra Pigg, Peter Firth and Alfred Molina and was a much-deserved big hit in its home UK. It tells a […]

Apr, 03 · in Reviews

Dream Baby **** (1989, Jenny McCrindle, Kevin McNally, Peter Capaldi) – Classic Movie Review 5245

Director Angela Pope’s gritty 1989 BBC TV movie comedy-drama with tender moments is in the Letter to Brezhnev vein and is set in a run-down, poll tax-dodging area of Edinburgh. Jenny McCrindle plays Annie, an […]

Apr, 03

Twins **** (1988, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, Kelly Preston, Chloe Webb) – Classic Movie Review 5244

Director Ivan Reitman’s often hilarious 1988 comedy starts with the genius silly idea of pairing the little and large odd couple Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and letting the two smooth, likeable, skilled laughter-raiser performers […]

Apr, 03

Junior ** (1994, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, Emma Thompson) – Classic Movie Review 5243

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, the likeable stars of Twins (1988), are re-teamed as doctors Alex Hesse and Larry Arbogast for director Ivan Reitman’s less funny but still amusing 1994 silly comedy. Playing off his macho image, […]

Apr, 03

In Celebration **** (1974, Alan Bates, James Bolam, Brian Cox, Constance Chapman, Bill Owen, Gabrielle Daye) – Classic Movie Review 5242

Director Lindsay Anderson films Storey’s first-rate, moving play about three educated sons (Alan Bates, James Bolam and Brian Cox) going back oop North to a Yorkshire mining town to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of […]

Apr, 03

Jungle Captive * (1945, Otto Kruger, Phil Brown, Rondo Hatton, Vicky Lane, Jerome Cowan, Amelita Ward, Eddie Acuff) – Classic Movie Review 5240

Director Harold Young’s very cheap, risibly awful 1945 sequel to Captive Wild Woman (1943) and Jungle Woman (1944) has almost nothing to recommend it beyond some noble efforts by the actors against the odds and its […]

Apr, 02



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