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Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman ***½ (1947, Susan Hayward, Lee Bowman, Eddie Albert, Marsha Hunt) – Classic Movie Review 5500

Director Stuart Heisler’s effective 1947 melodrama stars Susan Hayward as fast-rising nightclub singer Angie Evans, who becomes a smashed-up woman and hits the bottle when her singing career goes flat, while her songwriter husband Ken […]

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My Foolish Heart **** (1949, Susan Hayward, Dana Andrews, Kent Smith) – Classic Movie Review 5498

Director Mark Robson’s 1949 romantic tearjerker movie is a polished, winningly played and well-made heart-tugging drama, skilfully mixing the tears, heartaches and clinches. It follows the romance between an innocent, lonely young woman named Eloise Winters (Susan […]

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With a Song in My Heart **** (1952, Susan Hayward, Rory Calhoun, David Wayne, Thelma Ritter, Robert Wagner) – Classic Movie Review 5499

A fabulous line-up of evergreen vintage songs lights up director Walter Lang’s sweet and sentimental 1952 musical biopic film account of the life of Jane Froman, who starts out as an aspiring songstress by landing […]

May, 25

The Snows of Kilimanjaro *** (1952, Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward, Ava Gardner, Hildegard Knef) – Classic Movie Review 5494

Producer Darryl F Zanuck turns Ernest Hemingway’s vivid 1927 short story about a perilously sick writer-hunter who reviews his past into a long, soapy story dotted with dollops of love and adventure. Gregory Peck is […]

May, 25

Call of the Wild **** (1935, Clark Gable, Loretta Young, Jack Oakie, Reginald Owen, Frank Conroy, Sidney Toler) – Classic Movie Review 5497

Producer Darryl F Zanuck at the Twentieth Century studio sidelines much of the incident of Jack London’s famous great outdoors action-adventure novel in favour of Clark Gable romancing Loretta Young. But this robust and lusty […]

May, 25

The Tall Men *** (1955, Clark Gable, Jane Russell, Robert Ryan, Cameron Mitchell) – Classic Movie Review 5496

Director Raoul Walsh’s gutsy 1955 Western boasts excellent star power with the on-form cast of Clark Gable, Jane Russell, Robert Ryan and Cameron Mitchell, as well as liberal doses of action, romance and humour, Gable […]

May, 25

Soldier of Fortune *** (1955, Clark Gable, Susan Hayward, Michael Rennie, Gene Barry) – Classic Movie Review 5493

Director Edward Dmytryk’s glossy and escapist 1955 adventure film is a solidly carpentered, old-fashioned escapade of Americans involved in intrigue out East. Director Dmytryk makes atmospheric use of his Hong Kong locations in this very […]

May, 25



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