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The Long Absence [Une Aussi Longue Absence] **** (1961, Alida Valli, Georges Wilson, Charles Blavette) – Classic Movie Review 4884

Co-writer/ director Henri Colpi’s affecting 1961 first feature film stars Alida Valli as Thérèse Langlois, an isolated, lonely French bar proprietor, who sees an amnesiac tramp (Georges Wilson) walking past her small café in the […]

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The Exterminating Angel [El Angel Exterminador] **** (1962, Silvia Pinal, Jacqueline Andere, Enrique Rambal) – Classic Movie Review 4883

Co-writer/ director Luis Buñuel starts his glittering series of onslaughts on the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie with this tantalising 1962 Surrealist black comedy. There is perhaps a little too much obvious calculation in the […]

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Viridiana **** (1961, Silvia Pinal, Fernando Rey, Francisco Rabal) – Classic Movie Review 4882

Director Luis Buñuel’s first film back in his native Spain after three decades away focuses on Viridiana (Silvia Pinal), a young novice nun full of idealistic illusions who is taken advantage of by her widowed […]

Jan, 12

The Virginian *** (2000, Bill Pullman, Diane Lane, John Savage, Dennis Weaver, James Drury) – Classic Movie Review 4881

Co-producer/ star Bill Pullman directs himself as rancher hero The Virginian in this stalwart, well-acted fifth filming of the famous classic Owen Wister Western yarn, adapted as a 2000 TV movie by writer Larry Gross. […]

Jan, 12

The Virginian *** (1946, Joel McCrea, Brian Donlevy, Sonny Tufts, Barbara Britton) – Classic Movie Review 4880

Director Stuart Gilmore’s 1946 Paramount movie is the fourth filming of the famous Owen Wister Western yarn. It lacks some bite in this handling, and Joel McCrea as rancher hero The Virginian and Brian Donlevy […]

Jan, 11

The Virginian **** (1929, Gary Cooper, Walter Huston, Mary Brian, Richard Arlen, Helen Ware, Chester Conklin, E H Calvert, Eugene Palette) – Classic Movie Review 4879

An archetypal Western tale about a posse hanging a ranch foreman’s buddy is dusted off as Gary Cooper’s first sound film, which sent him to the top in Hollywood, there to stay for 30 years. […]

Jan, 11

For Keeps? [Maybe Baby] *** (1988, Molly Ringwald, Randall Batinkoff, Kenneth Mars, Miriam Flynn, Conchata Ferrell, Sharon Brown, Dabney Coleman, Pauly Shore) – Classic Movie Review 4878

A well-matched Molly Ringwald and Randall Batinkoff star as starry-eyed high-school pupils Darcy (Ringwald) and Stan (Batinkoff), who are in love. But, when school swot Darcy gets unexpectedly pregnant, should the lovebirds pack up their […]

Jan, 11



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