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Witness to Murder *** (1954, Barbara Stanwyck, George Sanders, Gary Merrill) – Classic Movie Review 5344

Director Roy Rowland’s tense and tingling 1954 thriller provides an excellent Rear Window-style part for Barbara Stanwyck as Cheryl Draper, the solitary dame whose life is in danger from suave killer Albert Richter (George Sanders), […]

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Tall in the Saddle *** (1944, John Wayne, Ella Raines, Ward Bond, George ‘Gabby’ Hayes, Audrey Long) – Classic Movie Review 5343

John Wayne is on fine form and so is Ella Raines in director Edwin L Marin’s bouncy, well-written and entertaining compact little 1944 Western with a straightforward thriller plot about a murdered ranch owner, the […]

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The Promise **½ (2016, Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon, Christian Bale) – Movie Review

Co-writer/ director Terry George’s costly-looking, beautifully shot movie is an old-style historical epic, an ambitious and good hearted but inevitably depressing look at the now little-known story of the Armenian genocide by the Turks, during the last […]

Apr, 25

Lady Macbeth **** (2016, Florence Pugh, Christopher Fairbank, Cosmo Jarvis) – Movie Review

Director William Oldroyd’s film adaptation of Russian author Nikolai Leskov’s novella Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk is a riveting, tough-toned and chilling nail-biter. Giving it her all and a bit more, Florence Pugh is memorable […]

Apr, 25

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 ***½ (2017, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Kurt Russell, Michael Rooker) – Movie Review

Vol 2 is bright, lively and super-slick, with astounding visuals in a marvellous production, and set to the toe-tapping soundtrack backdrop of ‘Awesome Mixtape #2’. It is an ultra smooth ride, with non-stop laughs and […]

Apr, 24

Miss Sadie Thompson *** (1953, Rita Hayworth, José Ferrer, Aldo Ray) – Classic Movie Review 5342

Director Curtis Bernhardt’s 1953 musical emotional and romantic drama stars sultry Rita Hayworth as Miss Sadie Thompson, the free-spirited, loose-morals heroine of this adaptation of the W Somerset Maugham short story Miss Thompson, later retitled […]

Apr, 24

Sadie Thompson **** (1928, Gloria Swanson, Lionel Barrymore, Blanche Friderici) – Classic Movie Review 5341

Director Raoul Walsh’s 1928 silent stars Gloria Swanson, who gives her all as William Somerset Maugham’s provocative character Sadie Thompson, the shady lady who comes to Pago Pago and falls for and weds marine sergeant […]

Apr, 24



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