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"The Review's Better Than The Film"

Five Star Final **** (1931, Edward G Robinson, H B Warner, Marian Marsh, Anthony Bushell, George E Stone, Boris Karloff) – Classic Movie Review 5620

Director Mervyn LeRoy’s sterling vintage 1931 newspaper drama stars Edward G Robinson, who is superb as Randall, the tough editor of a sleazy New York tabloid who ruthlessly manipulates people and stories to increase circulation […]

Jun, 17 · in Reviews

Shutter Island **** (2010, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emily Mortimer, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Max von Sydow, Michelle Williams, Patricia Clarkson) – Classic Movie Review 5619

Director Martin Scorsese’s unusual and disturbing mystery horror thriller is atmospheric, eerie and highly successful. It is set in 1954 in Boston’s secluded Shutter Island Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane, where US marshal Teddy […]

Jun, 16 · in Reviews

Churchill ** (2017, Brian Cox, Miranda Richardson, John Slattery, James Purefoy) – Movie Review

Try though he might in a valiant effort, Dundee-born Brian Cox doesn’t get past his basic miscasting as Sir Winston Churchill in an interesting but shaky biopic set during the all-crucial 96 hours before the […]

Jun, 16

The Cranes Are Flying [Letyat zhuravli] **** (1957, Tatyana Samoylova, Aleksey Batalov, Vasiliy Merkurev ) – Classic Movie Review 5618

Producer-director Mikhail Kalatozov’s simple, direct and satisfying 1957 Soviet poetic romance boasts splendidly atmospheric direction and a marvellous central performance by Tatyana Samoylova, the great-niece of Konstantin Stanislavski (January 1863 – 7 August 1938), the seminal Russian theatre […]

Jun, 16

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears [Moskva slezam ne verit] **** (1980, Vera Alentova, Aleksey Batalov, Irina Muravyova, Raisa Ryazanova) – Classic Movie Review 5617

Russian actor Alexey Batalov, best known for starring in the 1958 Cannes Palme d’Or winning film The Cranes Are Flying and the 1981 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar-winning movie Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears, died in Moscow on […]

Jun, 16

Frankenstein 1970 ** (1958, Boris Karloff, Tom Duggan, Jana Lund) – Classic Movie Review 5616

‘The One…The Only KING OF MONSTERS as the new demon of the atomic age!’ Director Howard W Koch’s 1958 CinemaScope horror movie stars cinema’s most famous and iconic Frankenstein’s Monster, Boris Karloff, as Baron Victor […]

Jun, 15

Cauldron of Blood [El coleccionista de cadáveres] [Blind Man’s Buff] * (1971, Boris Karloff, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Viveca Lindfors) – Classic Movie Review 5615

‘Tops In Total Horror!’ – even the advertising line sounds like a translation! Boris Karloff plays a blind sculptor, Charles Badulescu, who uses real people’s skeletons as the basis for his unorthodox artworks in this […]

Jun, 15



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