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"The Review's Better Than The Film"

The Gingerbread Man *** (1998, Kenneth Branagh, Embeth Davidtz, Robert Downey Jr, Robert Duvall) – Classic Movie Review 422

Robert Altman’s neglected 1998 movie is an awkward but by no means negligible noirish thriller, based on a John Grisham original screen story. Kenneth Branagh gives an exceptional performance as a very flawed, unsympathetic hero, […]

Nov, 18 · in Reviews

Ginger Snaps **** (2000, Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle, Kris Lemche, Mimi Rogers) – Classic Movie Review 421

Director, co-writer John Fawcett’s 2000 Canadian cult movie is a fascinating, enjoyably gory and scary werewolf film. Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle star as disturbed and rebellious teenage sisters, Brigitte and Ginger, who have an […]

Nov, 18 · in Reviews

Gallipoli **** (1981, Mel Gibson, Mark Lee, Bill Kerr) – Classic Movie Review 420

Director Peter Weir’s brilliantly realised, frighteningly realistic 1981 anti-war movie, which packs a gut-wrenching punch to the heart and brain, is powerful and moving in the best traditions of great Aussie film-making. Mel Gibson and […]

Nov, 18

Gigli – So Bad It’s Good Movie 3

OK, look, everyone has bad days. But if you’re a huge movie star, everyone else gets to know about it. Made at the height of the wildly overheated international publicity over the romance of its […]

Nov, 18

Little Women **** (1994, Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder, Trini Alvarado, Claire Danes, Samantha Mathis, Kirsten Dunst, Christian Bale, Eric Stoltz, Mary Wickes, Gabriel Byrne, John Neville) – Classic Movie Review 419

After several previous famous movie versions, notably in 1933 with Katharine Hepburn and 1949 with Elizabeth Taylor, this is an attractive, appealing and beautiful-looking 1994 version of Louisa May Alcott’s famous 1868 book about the domestic […]

Nov, 17

Little Voice **** (1998, Brenda Blethyn, Jane Horrocks, Michael Caine) – Classic Movie Review 418

Written and directed by Mark Herman, this is an uneasy transfer to film of a great night out at London’s National Film Theatre – Jim Cartwright’s musical play The Rise and Fall of Little Voice. […]

Nov, 17

The Railway Children ***** (1970, Dinah Sheridan, Bernard Cribbins, William Mervyn, Jenny Agutter, Sally Thomsett, Gary Warren) – Classic Movie Review 417

Esteemed character actor Lionel Jeffries turned writer-director for this beloved, ageless 1970 classic. What a grand job Jeffries makes of this enduring favourite! With its perennial and universal appeal, it has long since etched itself into […]

Nov, 17



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