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009 Re: Cyborg **** (2012, voices of Gregory Abbey, Saeko Akiho, JB Blanc) – Movie Review

Get your 3D glasses on for writer-director Kenji Kamiyama’s exquisitely designed, stunning-looking and often truly exciting and provocative anime adventure. It may not please all the regular crowd, and its crazy storyline might be baffling, […]

Jun, 05 · in Reviews

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone – Film Review

In 2012, film director Shane Meadows (This Is England) is called up by Stone Roses singer Ian Brown to tell him his favourite band are getting back together. He says: ‘I hope you’re going to […]

Jun, 05 · in Reviews

The Last Exorcism, Part II – Film Review

Continuing where the first film left off, Part II begins with Ashley Bell’s troubled young Nell Sweetzer recovering in a care home after an exorcism. You may remember she’s the sole survivor of Part I, […]

Jun, 05

Come As You Are **** (2011, Gilles de Schryver, Robrecht Vanden Thoren, Tom Audenaert, Isabelle de Hertogh, Charlotte Timmers, Roos Van Vlaenderen) – Movie Review

Originally bearing the much better title Hasta La Vista, this 2011 road movie tale of three handicapped young Belgian guys setting off to Spain with a paid helper to lose their virginity in a brothel […]

Jun, 01

Behind the Candelabra **** (2013, Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Scott Bakula, Rob Lowe, Debbie Reynolds, Dan Aykroyd, Eric Zuckerman) – Movie Review

If you planned to make a movie about the outrageously camp piano-player Liberace, who would you cast? Director Steven Soderbergh goes for a most unexpected choice, Michael Douglas (69), and that canniest of actors enjoys one of […]

Jun, 01

Aguirre, Wrath of God ***** (1972, Klaus Kinski) – Classic Movie Review 1440

Eyes demonically blazing, Klaus Kinski gives a marvellously demented, unhinged performance at the centre of Werner Herzog’s deliriously thrilling 1972 masterwork, a terrifying journey to the heart of darkness. Now more than 40 years old, […]

Jun, 01

The Comedian – Film Review

Edward Hogg does a very good job in a difficult star role as Ed, a northerner working as a London call-centre salesman, bored out of his mind and pretty much burnt out at 32. A […]

May, 30



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