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The Red Violin **** (1998, Samuel L Jackson, Don McKellar, Jason Flemyng, Greta Scacchi, Colm Feore, Sandra Oh) – Classic Movie Review 263

Director François Girard tells the ambitious, utterly beguiling and beautiful epic history of a mythical violin from its creation by maker Nicolo Bussotti (Carlo Cecchi) in Cremona, Lombardy, Italy, in 1681. The multi-national saga runs […]

Oct, 01 · in Reviews

Billy Elliot ***** (2000, Jamie Bell, Julie Walters, Gary Lewis) – Classic Movie Review 262

Here at long, long last in 2000 came a British movie to cheer about – and a new young star in the making in 14-year-old Jamie Bell. Billy Elliot is a follow that dream, rags […]

Sep, 30 · in Reviews

American Psycho **** (2000, Christian Bale, Willem Dafoe, Chloë Sevigny, Reese Witherspoon, Jared Leto, Justin Theroux, Bill Sage, Samantha Mathis) – Classic Film Review 261

Christian Bale gives an astonishing performance as 27-year-old Eighties New York yuppie Patrick Bateman, a handsome, well educated, brilliantly groomed and superbly gym-fit, muscled-up Wall Street broker. He earns a fortune in his job by […]

Sep, 30

American Pie **** (1999, Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Seann William Scott, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Eugene Levy, Jennifer Coolidge) – Classic Movie Review 260

‘Dude, that chick’s a MILF!’ Directors Paul and Chris Weitz’s infamous 1999 teen grossout sex comedy, written by Adam Herz, is always delightful and amusing, often astoundingly funny and sometimes hysterical. It’s one of the […]

Sep, 30

The Funeral **** (1996, Christopher Walken, Chris Penn) – Classic Movie Review 259

‘God made  the world. I’m just makin’ do with what I got.’ – Ray Tempio. Abel Ferrara’s critically acclaimed 1996 Mob family crime drama, set in New York in the Depression era of the 1930s, is […]

Sep, 30

Filth * (2013, James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Eddie Marsan, Shauna Macdonald, John Sessions, Imogen Poots, Gary Lewis) – Movie Review

There’s never a dull moment, but Filth is a dismaying and dispiriting experience. This is one heck of a scary movie, but in the wrong way. Two of my favourite actors James McAvoy and Jamie […]

Sep, 29

Mister John *** (2013, Aidan Gillen, Zoe Tay, Molly Rose Lawlor) – Movie Review

An elusive tale of a man in an identity crisis and an existential stupor. Any way you look at it, that’s a real hard one to sell. Aidan Gillen stars as Irishman Gerry Devine, who leaves his unfaithful […]

Sep, 29



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