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Last Vegas *** (2013, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, Mary Steenburgen) – Movie Review

Lifelong sixty-something buddies Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline head for Las Vegas to throw a bachelor party and celebrate their last remaining single pal Michael Douglas’s planned wedding to a much, much […]

Jan, 02 · in Reviews

47 Ronin *** (2013, Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada, Ko Shibasaki) – Movie Review

Keanu Reeves stars as the noble mixed-race ronin Kai, who along with the Japanese hero Oishi, gathers together a band of samurai to avenge the death and dishonour of their master at the hands of a ruthless […]

Jan, 02 · in Reviews

Death in Venice [Morte a Venezia] ***** (1971, Dirk Bogarde, Björn Andrésen, Silvana Mangano, Romolo Valli, Mark Burns, Marisa Berenson) – Classic Film Rview 607

Dirk Bogarde’s extraordinary tour-de-force as an ageing German avant-garde composer Gustav von Aschenbach is the jewel in the crown of Luchino Visconti’s masterly 1971 film adaptation of the Thomas Mann novella. In the book, Aschenbach is an author, […]

Jan, 02

Victim ***** (1961, Dirk Bogarde, Sylvia Syms, Peter McEnery, Dennis Price, John Barrie) – Classic Movie Review 606

In 1961 closeted gay actor Dirk Bogarde took a huge risk to his star status as Britain’s premiere matinee idol, and bravely became one of the first major movie stars anywhere to tackle a taboo […]

Jan, 01

Peeping Tom **** (1960, Carl Boehm, Moira Shearer, Anna Massey) – Classic Movie Review 605

Director Michael Powell’s 1960 shocker is an eye-opening insider’s look at voyeurism and the mechanics of the film-making process, disguised as a lurid psychological thriller. This nightmarishly disturbing horror movie is Britain’s answer to Psycho, though it hasn’t […]

Dec, 31

A Matter of Life and Death [Stairway to Heaven] ***** (1946, David Niven, Kim Hunter, Roger Livesey, Marius Goring, Raymond Massey ) – Classic Movie Review 604

‘This is a story of two worlds the one we know and another which exists only in the mind of a young airman whose life and imagination have been violently shaped by war. Any resemblance to […]

Dec, 31

A Canterbury Tale **** (1944, Eric Portman, Sheila Sim, Dennis Price) – Classic Movie Review 603

Writer-producer-director Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s extraordinary 1944 wartime film tells an extremely mysterious and engaging story about a British tank soldier (Dennis Price), an American Army sergeant (John Sweet) and an English shop-assistant land girl […]

Dec, 31



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