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Perfect Friday *** (1970, Stanley Baker, Ursula Andress, David Warner, T P McKenna, Patience Collier) – Classic Movie Review 5855

Director Peter Hall’s amusing 1970 British bank-heist caper thriller is a bright straggler from the Sixties about bored and bent London West End assistant bank manager Mr Graham (Stanley Baker), and the rich titled married […]

Aug, 04

Baby Face **** (1933, Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent, Donald Cook) – Classic Movie Review 5423

‘She had it and made it pay!’ Director Alfred E Green’s controversial, even notorious, sexually provocative 1933 drama stars Barbara Stanwyck, alluringly costumed by Orry-Kelly. Stanwyck is typically cast as Lily Powers, a pushy working […]

May, 08

Return of the Bad Men *** (1948, Randolph Scott, Robert Ryan, Anne Jeffreys, Jacqueline White, Steve Brodie) – Classic Movie Review 5305

There are lots and lots of gunsmoke in director Ray Enright’s 1948 follow-up to Badman’s Territory (1946). There are lots and lots of good star actors too, including Randolph Scott, Robert Ryan, Anne Jeffreys, Jacqueline White, Steve […]

Apr, 17

Going in Style *** (2017, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin, Ann-Margret) – Movie Review

Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin bail out director Zach Braff’s rather slack and lame crime comedy, as three really old blokes who decide to rob their own bank when their pension fund dries […]

Apr, 07

Django Defies Sartana [Django sfida Sartana] ** (1970, Tony Kendall, George Ardisson) – Classic Movie Review 4936

Tony Kendall takes over as Django battling Sartana (George Ardisson) in writer-director Pasquale Squitieri’s gutsy but routine 1970 spaghetti Western. Django thinks Sartana has caused the death of his brother in a bank robbery, but […]

Jan, 25

Stir Crazy *** (1980, Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Georg Stanford Brown, JoBeth Williams, Craig T Nelson) – Classic Movie Review 4822

Director Sidney Poitier’s amiable enough 1980 comedy again pairs Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, this time as would-be actors Skip and Harry, who end up in America’s hinterlands, going Stir Crazy after being framed for […]

Dec, 30

Firewall ** (2006, Harrison Ford, Virginia Madsen, Paul Bettany, Alan Arkin, Robert Forster, Robert Patrick) – Classic Movie Review 4517

In director Richard Loncraine’s 2006 movie, Harrison Ford is back in the kind of old style crime thriller that he used to do so well. Ford plays a bank security specialist called Jack Stanfield, who has to rob the […]

Oct, 23


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