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Radio Flyer *** (1992, Lorraine Bracco, John Heard, Elijah Wood, Joseph Mazzello, Adam Baldwin, Ben Johnson) – Classic Movie Review 5766

Director Richard Donner’s tentative but often moving 1992 story stars Elijah Wood and Joseph Mazzello as two kid brothers retreating into a fantasy world in which they concoct a scheme for a flying machine after […]

Jul, 15

Death Rides a Horse [Da uomo a uomo] *** (1967, Lee Van Cleef, John Phillip Law, Luigi Pistilli, Anthony Dawson) – Classic Movie Review 5723

Co-writer/ director Giulio Petroni’s strong 1967 run-of-the-range Spaghetti revenge Western stars John Phillip Law as Bill Meceita, who rides to avenge himself on his family’s killers in a mass slaughter by four robbers that he […]

Jul, 07

The Howards of Virginia * (1940, Cary Grant, Martha Scott, Cedric Hardwicke, Alan Marshal, Richard Carlson) – Classic Movie Review 5714

Producer-director Frank Lloyd’s 1940 Columbia Pictures epic historical romantic drama is set during the American War of Independence. It is astonishing that an American film studio would set about to attack the British people at […]

Jul, 05

Paperhouse ***½ (1988, Charlotte Burke, Ben Cross, Glenne Headly, Elliott Spiers, Gemma Jones, Sarah Newbold, Jane Bertish, Samantha Cahill) – Classic Movie Review 5573

Director Bernard Rose’s 1988 British movie is a stylish and sinister British psychological horror film about a strange, bright girl called Anna Madden (Charlotte Burke) who is lonely and bored, and has weird dreams about her […]

Jun, 10

The Fly II ** (1989, Eric Stoltz Daphne Zuniga) – Classic Movie Review 5304

Director Chris Walas’s 1989 sequel to the 1986 The Fly is really Son of the Fly, in what is actually a remake of the 1959 Return of the Fly, the first sequel to the original […]

Apr, 16

Hollow Reed ** (1996, Martin Donovan, Ian Hart, Joely Richardson, Jason Flemyng, Sam Bould) – Classic Movie Review 5232

Director Angela Pope’s 1996 British drama is a bit of a sensationalist hotch-potch, though it is well meaning and, at least by Martin Donovan and Joely Richardson, very well acted. Martin Donovan plays GP Martyn […]

Apr, 02

Little Lord Fauntleroy **** (1936, Freddie Bartholomew, C Aubrey Smith, Mickey Rooney, Dolores Costello, Jessie Ralph, Guy Kibbee) – Classic Movie Review 5226

Producer David O Selznick and director John Cromwell’s lovingly crafted 1936 children’s film finds the perfect star in Freddie Bartholomew as little Cedric (‘Ceddie’), aka Little Lord Fauntleroy. It follows a once famous 1921 silent […]

Apr, 01


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