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Apache *** (1954, Burt Lancaster, Jean Peters, John McIntire) – Classic Movie Review 5382

Director Robert Aldrich’s strong, powerfully handled 1954 Western stars Burt Lancaster, who gives a charismatic, athletic performance as Apache warrior Massai, an alienated Indian leader carrying on a single-handed war against the white man after […]

May, 02

Bullet in the Head [Die Xue jie tou] **** (1990, Tony Leung, Waise Lee, Jacky Cheung) – Classic Movie Review 5318

Tony Leung, Waise Lee and Jacky Cheung star as a trio from the Hong Kong slums who are forced to flee to Vietnam after a run-in with a vicious gangster. With the war raging round […]

Apr, 18

Arise, My Love **** (1940, Claudette Colbert, Ray Milland, Walter Abel, Dennis O’Keefe, George Zucco) – Classic Movie Review 5177

Claudette Colbert and Ray Milland are delightful as a vivacious American reporter in Europe and the dashing aviator she helps out of tight scrapes at the end of the Spanish Civil War and the start of […]

Mar, 19

Women without Men [Blonde Bait] *** (1956, Beverly Michaels, Joan Rice, Avril Angers, Thora Hird, Hermione Baddeley, Gordon Jackson) – Classic Movie Review 5166

Directors Elmo Williams and Herbert Glazer’s 1956 crime melodrama is a minor but intriguing movie from Britain’s Hammer Films studio, promoted with a teasing title that promises something it could hardly deliver in the Fifties. […]

Mar, 16

San Quentin **½ (1937, Pat O’Brien, Ann Sheridan, Humphrey Bogart) – Classic Movie Review 5070

Humphrey Bogart is in trouble again in prison – San Quentin – in director Lloyd Bacon’s moderate 1937 film noir-style jail movie, in which he plays hardened inmate ‘Red’ Kennedy, sentenced to jail for robbery. Meanwhile […]

Feb, 27

The Pursuit of Happiness **½ (1971, Michael Sarrazin, Barbara Hershey, Robert Klein, Ruth White, E G Marshall, Arthur Hill) – Classic Movie Review 4943

Michael Sarrazin stars as a radical young college student, William, who is jailed for his part in a road accident in which he killed a pedestrian. But he escapes and finds himself, with his girlfriend […]

Jan, 26

Desperate Journey *** (1942, Errol Flynn, Alan Hale Sr, Ronald Reagan, Nancy Coleman, Raymond Massey, Arthur Kennedy, Ronald Sinclair, Albert Bassermann, Sig Ruman) Classic Movie Review 4782

Director Raoul Walsh’s 1942 wartime action adventure movie tells an amusing shaggy dog story about five guys on a bombing mission shot down in Germany and trying to get back to England with vital information […]

Dec, 10


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