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The Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday ** (1976, Lee Marvin, Oliver Reed, Robert Culp) – Classic Movie Review 5442

Director Don Taylor’s 1976 comedy Western is an amiable but uneven entertainment. Stars Lee Marvin, Oliver Reed and Robert Culp and its easy-going nature make up for the general air of slackness. Lee Marvin does […]

May, 12

Greetings ***½ (1968, Robert De Niro, Jonathan Warden, Gerrit Graham, Richard Hamilton, Megan McCormick, Allen Garfield) – Classic Movie Review 5377

Co-writer-director Brian De Palma’s 1968 satirical comedy stands out as an early collaboration with star Robert De Niro in a one-moment-in-time story about three Vietnam War draft evaders (Jonathan Warden as Paul Shaw, Gerrit Graham […]

May, 01

Who’s That Knocking at My Door [I Call First] *** (1967, Harvey Keitel, Zina Bethune, Anne Collette) – Classic Movie Review 5372

Writer-director Martin Scorsese’s 1967 drama film is notable as his feature film directorial debut and Harvey Keitel’s debut as an actor. Though obviously a very tentative, early work, it gets a lot of value for its ultra low budget […]

Apr, 30

Children Crossing *** (1990, Peter Firth, Saskia Reeves, Bob Peck) – Classic Movie Review 5248

Director Angela Pope’s 1990 British thriller is made for BBC2’s admirable Screen Two series of films, is based on the novel by Verity Bargate and stars Peter Firth, Saskia Reeves and Bob Peck. When quiet, […]

Apr, 03

Below Her Mouth *** (2016, Erika Linder, Natalie Krill, Sebastian Pigott) – Movie Review

Canadian director April Mullen’s 2016 romantic drama finds Erika Linder and Natalie Krill putting body and soul, but mainly body, into a raunchy, sexy lesbian girl meets straight girl drama in which a passionate weekend affair quickly escalates […]

Mar, 20

The Handmaiden **** (2016, Min-hee Kim, Tae-ri Kim. Jung-woo Ha, Jin-woong Jo ) – Movie Review

Director Chan-wook Park’s 2016 Korean adults-only period romantic mystery drama The Handmaiden is most provocative and enjoyable. Tae-ri Kim plays Sook-Hee, who is hired as a handmaiden around 1930 to a Japanese heiress Lady Hideko (Min-hee Kim). However,  she is secretly […]

Feb, 03

T2 Trainspotting **** (2017, Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle, Kelly Macdonald, Shirley Henderson, Anjela Nedyalkova) – Movie Review

Two decades on from Trainspotting (1996), the 46-year-old Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) returns from a new life in Amsterdam to the one place he can call home, Edinburgh, where he is reunited with Spud (Ewen Bremner), […]

Jan, 20


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