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See You in the Morning ** (1989, Jeff Bridges, Alice Krige, Farrah Fawcett) – Classic Movie Review 5769

The talented Alan J Pakula directs and writes this attractive up-market 1989 soap opera. But the warm performances and his intelligent dialogue only partly disguise a smug cuteness lurking in the story. With the chilling […]

Jul, 16

Shadows **** (1959, Hugh Hurd, Leila Goldoni, Ben Carruthers, Anthony Ray, Dennis Sallas, Tom Allen, Rupert Crosse, David Jones) – Classic Movie Review 5754

A young orphaned African-American family battles to survive in Manhattan. Jazz player Hugh (Hugh Hurd) struggles to make a dollar or two singing in low bars; his sister Leila (Leila Goldoni) joins the phony art […]

Jul, 14

The Hypnotic Eye ** (1960, Jacques Bergerac, Merry Anders, Marcia Henderson, Allison Hayes, Lawrence Lipton) – Classic Movie Review 5663

Director George Blair’s nasty but intriguing 1960 horror movie is a slice of bizarre cinematic sleaze. Jacques Bergerac plays the popular stage hypnotist The Great Desmond who delights in hypnotising beautiful young women into mutilating […]

Jun, 25

Tread Softly Stranger *** (1958, George Baker, Terence Morgan, Diana Dors) – Classic Movie Review 5635

Director Gordon Parry’s underrated realist 1958 British thriller stars George Baker and Terence Morgan as English North country industrial town brothers Johnny and Dave Mansell, both in love with the irresistibly sexy temptress Calico (Diana […]

Jun, 19

The Big Job *** (1965, Sidney James, Sylvia Syms, Dick Emery, Joan Sims, Lance Percival, Jim Dale) – Classic Movie Review 5609

Director Gerald Thomas’s farcical 1965 British comedy is a very jolly romp starring Sidney James and Dick Emery as crooks who leave jail after 15 years only to find that the tree hiding their loot […]

Jun, 14

Tammy, Tell Me True ** (1961, Sandra Dee, John Gavin, Charles Drake, Virginia Grey, Beulah Bondi) – Classic Movie Review 5513

Director Harry Keller’s 1961 follow-up film to the first hit Tammy and the Bachelor has Sandra Dee taking over from Debbie Reynolds as kind-hearted Tammy Tyree as she smirks and schmoozes her way through college, […]

May, 28

There Was a Crooked Man *** (1960, Norman Wisdom, Andrew Cruickshank, Alfred Marks, Susannah York, Reginald Beckwith, Jean Clarke, Ronald Fraser) – Classic Movie Review 5432

‘Hair Raising! Roof Raising! A Feast Of Laughter!’ British laughter legend Norman Wisdom stars in director Stuart Burge’s playful 1960 vehicle for his particular style of comedy. In this independently made film, Wisdom does extend […]

May, 11


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