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Connecting Rooms * (1970, Bette Davis, Michael Redgrave, Alexis Kanner, Kay Walsh, Gabrielle Drake, Leo Genn) – Classic Movie Review 6015

Writer/ producer/ director Franklin Gollings’s sluggish and disappointing 1969 drama stars a miscast Bette Davis as a rather sad street-musician cellist called Wanda Fleming and a better cast Michael Redgrave as a dismissed gay ex-schoolteacher […]

Sep, 12

London **** (1994, voice of Paul Scofield) – Classic Movie Review 5762

Writer-director and cameraman Patrick Keiller’s personal and politicial 1994 feature-length debut is a witty and penetrating British documentary, a travelogue cum essay film mounting a virulent attack on the state of early to mid-Nineties London. […]

Jul, 15

Unlocked ** (2017, Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom, Michael Douglas, Toni Collette, John Malkovich) – Movie Review

Despite the excellent cast and posh director, everyone has lost their touch in director Michael Apted’s off-key action thriller, with a topical terrorism theme. Working hard as ever, Noomi Rapace does her level best and […]

May, 03

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London ** (2004, Frankie Muniz, Anthony Anderson, Hannah Spearritt) – Classic Movie Review 5281

In the hasty action adventure comedy sequel to 2003’s hit Agent Cody Banks, Frankie Muniz’s pint-sized spy Cody Banks this time finds himself in the middle of swinging London, rushing round all the usual obvious tourist […]

Apr, 13

Spivs *** (2004, Ken Stott, Nick Moran, Dominic Monaghan, Kate Ashfield, Linda Bassett, Jack Dee, Tamer Hassan, Paul Kaye, Roshan Seth) – Classic Movie Review 4591

Ken Stott stars with Nick Moran, Dominic Monaghan and Kate Ashfield in co-writer/ director Colin Teague’s heated-to-boiling-point 2004 Brit crime thriller as con artists making small-time stings. But Stott’s partners get too greedy and he […]

Nov, 04

Pool of London ***½ (1950, Earl Cameron, Bonar Colleano, Susan Shaw, Renée Asherson, Moira Lister, Max Adrian, Jane Dowling, James Robertson Justice) – Classic Movie Review 4399

Director Basil Dearden’s vintage 1950 British thriller stars Earl Cameron as Johnny Lambert, a basically honest Jamaican seaman who gets up to his ears in his thieving American buddy Dan MacDonald (Bonar Colleano)’s diamond smuggling racket […]

Sep, 23

BrOTHERHOOD *** (2016, Noel Clarke, Olivia Chenery, Nick Nevern, Arnold Oceng, Jason Maza) – Movie Review

Writer-director-star Noel Clarke completes his ‘Hood trilogy with BrOTHERHOOD, which has his hero Sam Peel (Clarke) facing up to the problems of his new grown-up world in which he has settled down with a girlfriend […]

Sep, 04


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