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Dishonored Lady ** (1947, Hedy Lamarr, Dennis O’Keefe, John Loder) – Classic Movie Review 5966

Director Robert Stevenson’s intriguing 1947 film noir crime melodrama stars Hedy Lamarr as beautiful Madeleine Damien, the mysterious Manhattan magazine fashion lady suspected of larceny and murder, after she becomes a lively party girl at […]

Aug, 24

June Bride **** (1948, Bette Davis, Robert Montgomery, Fay Bainter, Tom Tully, Betty Lynn, Debbie Reynolds) – Classic Movie Review 5735

Bette Davis tries a useful change of pace with a cute romantic comedy about a woman’s magazine editor who gets her chauvinist old flame, reporter Robert Montgomery, to help her cover a typical American wedding […]

Jul, 09

The Bride Comes Home *** (1935, Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray, Robert Young) – Classic Movie Review 5474

Claudette Colbert stars as Jeannette Desmereau, a willful penniless socialite who cannot make up her mind whether to marry a smooth millionaire called Jack Bristow (Robert Young) or his tough bodyguard Cyrus Anderson (Fred MacMurray), in […]

May, 18

The Sky’s the Limit ***½ (1943, Fred Astaire, Joan Leslie, Robert Benchley, Robert Ryan) – Classic Movie Review 5164

Director Edward H Griffith’s skillful and purringly pleasing if minor 1943 RKO musical stars Fred Astaire as Fred Atwell, a Flying Tiger squadron aviator who flies into New York on leave from his squadron’s personal […]

Mar, 16

California Split **** (1974, George Segal, Elliott Gould, Gwen Welles, Ann Prentiss, Barbara Ruick, Bert Remsen, Jeff Goldblum) – Classic Movie Review 5026

Director Robert Altman’s fine, funny and revealing 1974 comedy character drama stars the very much on-form Elliott Gould and George Segal as wisecracking free spirit Charlie Waters and down on his luck gambler Bill Denny, who are […]

Feb, 14

The Long Absence [Une Aussi Longue Absence] **** (1961, Alida Valli, Georges Wilson, Charles Blavette) – Classic Movie Review 4884

Co-writer/ director Henri Colpi’s affecting 1961 first feature film stars Alida Valli as Thérèse Langlois, an isolated, lonely French bar proprietor, who sees an amnesiac tramp (Georges Wilson) walking past her small café in the […]

Jan, 12

Une Femme Mariée [A Married Woman] **** (1964, Bernard Noël, Macha Méril, Philippe Leroy) – Classic Movie Review 4200

Writer-director Jean-Luc Godard amusingly explores the effects of the media on women’s lives in his involving and erotic depiction of cool married woman Charlotte (Macha Méril)’s love affair with an actor, Robert (Bernard Noël), though […]

Aug, 19


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