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The Invisible Menace ** (1938, Boris Karloff, Marie Wilson, Eddie Craven, Cy Kendall) – 5623

Director John Farrow’s little 1938 thriller at least has the virtue of starring the great Boris Karloff in his prime. The question in Crane Wilbur’s screenplay is, has US army worker Jevries (Karloff) committed the murder […]

Jun, 17

The Invisible Wall ** (1947, Don Castle, Virginia Christine, Richard Gaines, Arthur Space) – Classic Movie Review 5625

Don Castle stars as Harry Lane, an innocent man with a gambling problem accused of a murder, in director Eugene Ford’s complex and fairly intriguing but only passable 1947 noir mystery thriller, with just a […]

Jun, 17

The Hunchback of Notre Dame ***** (1939, Charles Laughton, Maureen O’Hara, Cedric Hardwicke, Thomas Mitchell, Edmond O’Brien, Alan Marshal, Walter Hampden) – Classic Movie Review 720

‘BIG beyond words!…Wondrous beyond belief!…Magnificent beyond compare!’ This brilliant RKO studio movie from 1939 is simply the best version of the famous Victor Hugo literary classic, lit up by Charles Laughton’s inspired portrayal of Quasimodo, […]

Jun, 17

Five Star Final **** (1931, Edward G Robinson, H B Warner, Marian Marsh, Anthony Bushell, George E Stone, Boris Karloff) – Classic Movie Review 5620

Director Mervyn LeRoy’s sterling vintage 1931 newspaper drama stars Edward G Robinson, who is superb as Randall, the tough editor of a sleazy New York tabloid who ruthlessly manipulates people and stories to increase circulation […]

Jun, 17

Charlie Chan in London *** (1934, Warner Oland, Drue Leyton, Douglas Walton, Alan Mowbray, Mona Barrie, Ray Milland, E E Clive) – Classic Movie Review 5613

Director Eugene Forde’s 1934 mystery thriller stars Warner Oland as the Oriental detective Charlie Chan in the sixth film in the long-running series produced by the Fox studio, and only the second not to be lost, after The Black […]

Jun, 15

The Black Camel *** (1931, Warner Oland, Dorothy Revier, Bela Lugosi, Sally Eilers) – Classic Movie Review 5612

Director Hamilton McFadden’s exotic, well-plotted 1931 mystery thriller is the earliest surviving Fox studio Charlie Chan series entry for which a print still exits. The first one – Charlie Chan Carries On (1931) – and […]

Jun, 15

Brainscan ** (1994, Edward Furlong, Frank Langella, T Ryder Smith, Amy Hargreaves, Jamie Marsh) – Classic Movie Review 5607

Director John Flynn’s 1994 movie is a minor-league sci-fi/horror thriller in which horror buff teenager Michael Brower (Edward Furlong, from Terminator 2: Judgment Day) commits simulated murder on his new interactive computer game called Brainscan. […]

Jun, 14


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