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Witness to Murder *** (1954, Barbara Stanwyck, George Sanders, Gary Merrill) – Classic Movie Review 5344

Director Roy Rowland’s tense and tingling 1954 thriller provides an excellent Rear Window-style part for Barbara Stanwyck as Cheryl Draper, the solitary dame whose life is in danger from suave killer Albert Richter (George Sanders), […]

Apr, 25

Quicksand: No Escape *** (1992, Donald Sutherland, Tim Matheson, Jay Acovone, Felicity Huffman) – Classic Movie Review 5336

The always-admirable Donald Sutherland grabs an ideal opportunity to show his worth as a corrupt private eye in director Michael Pressman’s tense, clever 1992 offbeat thriller. Sutherland’s character Murdoch gets into blackmail after he is […]

Apr, 23

The Temptress *** (1926, Greta Garbo, Antonio Moreno, Lionel Barrymore) – Classic Movie Review 5328

Directors Fred Niblo and Mauritz Stiller’s 1926 silent movie classic stars Greta Garbo, who commands the screen playing Elena, a woman who drives men mad with desire and leads them to commit murder and then […]

Apr, 20

The Criminal Code **** (1931, Walter Huston, Phillips Holmes, Constance Cummings, Boris Karloff) – Classic Movie Review 5296

Walter Huston gives an excellent star performance as nifty district attorney Mark Brady who, after prosecuting the 20-year-old Robert Graham (Phillips Holmes) with a weak murder case and gaining a 20-year conviction against him, becomes […]

Apr, 15

Edge of Doom ** (1950, Dana Andrews, Farley Granger, Joan Evans, Robert Keith, Paul Stewart, Mala Powers) – Classic Movie Review 5273

Farley Granger stars as disturbed young Martin Lynn who has a conscience attack after he kills a priest in director Mark Robson’s peculiar 1950 religious film noir thriller, based on a novel by Leo Brady, […]

Apr, 10

Side Street **** (1949, Farley Granger, Cathy O’Donnell, James Craig, Paul Kelly, Jean Hagen) – Classic Movie Review 5262

Director Anthony Mann’s sterling 1949 film noir crime drama is a memorable rematch for Farley Granger and Cathy O’Donnell, the two sweet young stars of They Live by Night (1948). Granger plays downtrodden post clerk Joe […]

Apr, 07

Port of New York *** (1949, Scott Brady, Richard Rober, K T Stevens, Yul Brynner) – Classic Movie Review 5266

Director Laslo Benedek’s 1949 film noir thriller stars a pre-bald Yul Brynner, who makes an auspicious first appearance as the big bad guy Paul Vicola in this story of dope dealing, deceit and death. Scott […]

Apr, 07


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