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Big Bad Mama II ** (1987, Angie Dickinson, Robert Culp, Danielle Brisebois, Julie McCullough, Jeff Yagher, Bruce Glover) – Classic Movie Review 5370

The 55-year-old Angie Dickinson returns as big bad Wilma McClatchie, a feisty in co-writer/ director Jim Wynorski unexpected, belated 1987 low-budget $1.2 million sequel to 1974’s Big Bad Mama. It is now 1934 and McClatchie […]

Apr, 30

The Fly II ** (1989, Eric Stoltz Daphne Zuniga) – Classic Movie Review 5304

Director Chris Walas’s 1989 sequel to the 1986 The Fly is really Son of the Fly, in what is actually a remake of the 1959 Return of the Fly, the first sequel to the original […]

Apr, 16

Return of the Fly ** (1959, Vincent Price, Brett Halsey, David Frankham, John Sutton) – Classic Movie Review 5303

The best news about director Edward L Bernds’s 1959 creature feature horror movie is that it brings back beloved horror icon Vincent Price from the 1958 original The Fly. But it is a cheap and […]

Apr, 16

Manon des Sources [Manon of the Spring] ***** (1986, Yves Montand, Emmanuelle Béart, Daniel Auteuil) – Classic Movie Review 5283

Emmanuelle Béart stars as Manon, who has grown up to be a lovely shepherdess, in director Claude Berri’s haunting, compelling 1986 climax to author Marcel Pagnol’s two-part movie saga that began with Jean de Florette. […]

Apr, 13

Fast & Furious 8 [The Fate of the Furious] ** (2017, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Charlize Theron, Michelle Rodriguez) – Movie Review

The Fast & Furious franchise loses more and more sense of reality as it plunges deeper into over-inflated CGI images and a campy Seventies James Bond-style thriller world-dominating conspiracy plot. Alas, in its relentless search for […]

Apr, 12

Graffiti Bridge ** (1990, Prince, Morris Day, Ingrid Chavez, Mavis Staples) – Classic Movie Review 5183

‘Are there really angels, or are they just in our minds? It all comes out in the wash… in time.’ – The Kid. Writer, director and star Prince follows up his hits Purple Rain (1984) and Under the […]

Mar, 20

Gentlemen Marry Brunettes ** (1955, Jane Russell, Jeanne Crain, Alan Young, Scott Brady, Rudy Vallee) – Classic Movie Review 5167

Jane Russell and Jeanne Crain star in director Richard Sale’s disappointingly stodgy 1955 sequel to the fabulous Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) as dark-haired Broadway showgirl sisters who go to Paris to find fame and romance. The […]

Mar, 16


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