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Made Men *** (1999, James Belushi, Timothy Dalton, Michael Beach, Steve Railsback) – Classic Movie Review 5912

James Belushi stars as as Bill ‘The Mouth’ Manucci who steals $12 million from the Mob, and finds himself on the run from various low-lives and an unscrupulous cop, Sheriff Dex Drier (Timothy Dalton). Director Louis […]

Aug, 14

Porky’s ** (1981, Dan Monahan, Mark Herrier, Wyatt Knight, Roger Wilson, Kim Cattrall, Art Hindle) – Classic Movie Review 5650

Writer-director Bob Clark’s irrepressibly, joyfully vulgar and smutty 1981 Canadian coming-of-age sex comedy hit the jackpot, following in the wake of Animal House (1978). It cost $25 million and earned $105 million at the US box office. A […]

Jun, 21

The Devil Commands ***½ (1941, Boris Karloff, Anne Revere, Amanda Duff) – Classic Movie Review 5643

Director Edward Dmytryk’s highly capable 1941 horror chiller is swiftly paced, short and amusing, with Boris Karloff grabbing the attention as Dr Julian Blair, even though he is typecast once again as a mad scientist […]

Jun, 20

The Range Feud ** (1931, Buck Jones, John Wayne, Susan Fleming) – Classic Movie Review 5483

Director D Ross Lederman’s 1931 Buck Jones Western may be just a cheap, assembly-line movie but it is briskly handled and entertaining. Disaster strikes when the new sheriff in town, Buck Gordon (Buck Jones), has no […]

May, 19

Texas Cyclone ** (1932, Tim McCoy, John Wayne, Shirley Grey, Walter Brennan) – Classic Movie Review 5479

Director D Ross Lederman’s 1932 Columbia Pictures movie is a good-quality Tim McCoy B-movie Western, which gets a boost from a useful cast that includes the young John Wayne [aka Marion Morrison] as Steve Pickett, […]

May, 19

Killers Three **½ (1968, Robert Walker Jr, Dick Clark, Diane Varsi) – Classic Movie Review 5375

Director Bruce Kessler’s intense and involving 1968 western crime drama stars Robert Walker Jr and Dick Clark, who play ex-con Johnny Warder and Roger, backwoodsmen from North Carolina, who rob a bootlegger’s safe with Johnny’s […]

May, 01

Race with the Devil *** (1975, Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Loretta Swit, Lara Parker) – Classic Movie Review 5338

A vacation collapses amid blood, rattlesnakes and much talk of runes in director Jack Starrett’s devillishly bad, racily handled 1975 junk movie favourite, a Seventies trash classic. It tracks holiday-makers Roger and Frank (Peter Fonda […]

Apr, 23


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