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Torrent **** (1926, Ricardo Cortez, Greta Garbo, Gertrude Olmstead, Martha Mattox) – Classic Movie Review 5327

Director Monta Bell’s 1926 silent movie success is notable as the first American movie of Greta Garbo, helping her to become an international superstar during the late silent era. Louis B Mayer hired Garbo but MGM […]

Apr, 20

Captain from Castile **** (1947, Tyrone Power, Jean Peters, Cesar Romero, Lee J Cobb, Antonio Moreno, Thomas Gomez, Alan Mowbray, John Sutton) – Classic Movie Review 4683

Director Henry King’s classic 1947 swashbuckling adventure hands the handsome and dashing Tyrone Power a tailor-made role as a 16th-century young Spanish officer Pedro De Vargas, who goes off to try his luck in the […]

Nov, 22

The Spanish Gardener **** (1956, Dirk Bogarde, Jon Whiteley, Michael Hordern, Cyril Cusack) – Classic Movie Review 4598

Director Philip Leacock’s 1956 British film adaptation of A J Cronin’s 1950 novel about the British consul in Spain who cannot reach out and touch the heart of his teenage son makes a distinguished star […]

Nov, 06

Matador *** (1986, Assumpta Serna, Antonio Banderas, Nacho Martínez, Carmen Maura) – Classic Movie Review 3563

A retired male bullfighter and a smart female lawyer share a fatal fascination with death in this stylish, deservedly acclaimed 1986 black comedy from Spain’s leading director, Pedro Almodóvar, who co-writes with Jesús Ferrero. It seems […]

Apr, 13

The Devil Is a Woman ***** (1935, Marlene Dietrich, Lionel Atwill, Cesar Romero, Edward Everett Horton) – Classic Movie Review 3122

Director Josef von Sternberg’s exotically beautiful 1935 romantic drama stars Marlene Dietrich in her last movie partnership with her real-life Svengali-figure. It is based on Pierre Louys’s story of obsessive love, La Femme et Le […]

Dec, 02

The Pride and the Passion *** (1957, Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren, Theodore Bikel) – Classic Movie Review 3075

Producer-director Stanley Kramer assembles a big important cast for his costly, professional, but lumbering and misbegotten 1957 film of C S Forester’s novel The Gun about the capture of a huge cannon by a British […]

Nov, 21

Blood and Sand **** (1922, Rudolph Valentino, Nita Naldi, Lila Lee, Rosa Rosanova) – Classic Movie Review 2996

Producer-director Fred Niblo’s 1922 silent classic is a splendid showcase for the alluring Rudolph Valentino in one of his most famous roles and finest movies. It was a major hit and is the first pairing […]

Oct, 19


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