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The Mysterious Lady *** (1928, Greta Garbo, Conrad Nagel, Gustav von Seyffertitz) – Classic Movie Review 5330

Directed by Fred Niblo in 1928, MGM’s tailor-made silent-movie showcase for the great Greta Garbo is stilted and hackneyed but still has its charms. Garbo stylishly plays a gorgeous Soviet agent called Tania Fedorova, who […]

Apr, 21

Band Waggon *** (1939, Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch, Pat Kirkwood, Jack Hylton, Moore Marriott) – Classic Movie Review 5170

Director Marcel Varnel’s 1939 British musical comedy brings ‘Big-Hearted’ Arthur Askey and Richard ‘Stinker’ Murdoch’s hit BBC wireless programme (radio show) to the screen with the breezy performances intact and a sparky plot not a […]

Mar, 16

The Quiller Memorandum **** (1966, George Segal, Max von Sydow, Alec Guinness, Senta Berger, George Sanders, Robert Helpmann) – Classic Movie Review 5129

Director Michael Anderson’s excellent, engrossing and exciting 1966 British espionage thriller stars George Segal as American spy Quiller, who is sent to West Berlin by the British Secret Service to investigate a mysterious Neo-Nazi organisation, […]

Mar, 10

Carve Her Name with Pride **** (1958, Virginia McKenna, Paul Scofield, Jack Warner) – Classic Movie Review 5083

Stalwart British director Lewis Gilbert’s 1958 wartime drama grippingly and sincerely explores the affecting real-life story of World War Two war heroine Violette Szabo, the British widow of a French officer who joined the Special […]

Mar, 01

True Lies **** (1994, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Bill Paxton, Art Malik, Tom Arnold) – Classic Movie Review 5071

So Arnold Schwarzenegger is the new James Bond in 1994, or at any rate somebody very like 007, in director James Cameron’s relentlessly paced, spoofy-toned, escapist gung-ho action thriller. Harry Tasker (Schwarzenegger) leads a double life […]

Feb, 27

Invisible Agent **½ (1942, Jon Hall, Ilona Massey, Cedric Hardwicke, Peter Lorre, J Edward Bromberg) – Classic Movie Review 4903

Director Edwin L Marin’s daft but engaging 1942 Sci-Fi thriller stars Jon Hall as the original Invisible Man’s grandson Frank Raymond, who uses his secret formula and is injected with a chemical that makes him […]

Jan, 17

The Looking Glass War **½ (1969, Christopher Jones, Ralph Richardson, Anthony Hopkins, Paul Rogers, Pia Degermark, Susan George, Anna Massey) – Classic Movie Review 4849

Writer-director Frank R Pierson’s 1969 British thriller is a passable espionage entertainment, but it is hardly an ideal version of John le Carré’s thoughtful 1965 spy novel about the British intelligence agency called the Department […]

Jan, 05


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