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The Mysterious Lady *** (1928, Greta Garbo, Conrad Nagel, Gustav von Seyffertitz) – Classic Movie Review 5330

Directed by Fred Niblo in 1928, MGM’s tailor-made silent-movie showcase for the great Greta Garbo is stilted and hackneyed but still has its charms. Garbo stylishly plays a gorgeous Soviet agent called Tania Fedorova, who […]

Apr, 21

The Razor’s Edge **** (1946, Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, Clifton Webb, Herbert Marshall, John Payne, Anne Baxter, Lucile Watson, Frank Latimore, Elsa Lanchester) – Classic Movie Review 5135

The 20th Century-Fox film studio and producer Darryl F Zanuck splashed out on a plush production for director Edmund Goulding’s diverting, if over-long (146 minutes) and meandering 1946 film version of W Somerset Maugham’s engrossing […]

Mar, 11

The Batman *** (1943, Lewis Wilson, Douglas Croft, J Carrol Naish) – Classic Movie Review 5109

Director Lambert Hillyer’s wartime 1943 vintage 15-part serial is exceptionally lively and enjoyable. It is notable as the first ever screen appearance of the Caped Crusader, giving Lewis Wilson the honour of being the first […]

Mar, 06

Sanjuro [Tsubaki Sanjûrô] ****½ (1962, Toshirô Mifune, Tatsuya Nakadai, Keiju Kobayashi) – Classic Movie Review 4925

Co-writer/ director Akira Kurosawa is in a much lighter mood for his follow-up to Yojimbo. But it is another thrilling action-filled samurai action adventure, with the great Toshirô Mifune on his best form in the title […]

Jan, 23

Son of Fury **** (1942, Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, George Sanders, Frances Farmer, Roddy McDowall, John Carradine, Elsa Lanchester) – Classic Movie Review 4656

Director John Cromwell’s rousing 1942 romantic period adventure finds Tyrone Power and George Sanders both on top form. Power stars as young Benjamin Blake, a Victorian nobleman’s bastard son, and George Sanders plays his caddish […]

Nov, 14

Manchester by the Sea **** (2016, Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler, Lucas Hedges, Gretchen Mol, Matthew Broderick, C J Wilson) – Movie Review

Casey Affleck is outstanding as Lee Chandler, a New England uncle who is legally supposed to take care of his 16-year-old nephew Patrick ‘Patti’ (Lucas Hedges) when the boy’s father (Kyle Chandler) dies suddenly and makes him guardian in […]

Oct, 07

She **** (1935, Randolph Scott, Nigel Bruce, Helen Gahagan, Helen Mack, Gustav von Seyffertitz, Samuel S Hinds) – Classic Movie Review 4453

The little known Helen Gahagan makes a majestic ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’ – the beautiful woman who bathed in flame and lived 500 years  – in directors Irving Pichel and Lansing C Holden’s still-impressive 1935 […]

Oct, 03


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