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Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife *** (1938, Claudette Colbert, Gary Cooper, David Niven, Edward Everett Horton) – Classic Movie Review 5472

The vintage Alfred Savior play is dusted off in 1938 for Claudette Colbert as Nicole De Loiselle, the daughter of a poor French marquis (Edward Everett Horton), who wants to show her much-married American multi-millionaire […]

May, 18

Homicidal ***½ (1961, Joan Marshall, Glenn Corbett, Patricia Breslin, Eugenie Leontovich, Alan Bunce, Richard Rust) – Classic Movie Review 4700

Producer-director William Castle’s mysterious and eerie 1961 Psycho-style shocker is patently absurd but compelling none the less. It stars Joan Marshall as a homicidal nurse called Emily, who shares a mansion with a paralysed Swedish […]

Nov, 25

Me Before You *** (2016, Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Janet McTeer, Charles Dance) – Movie Review

The likeability factor is high in this appealing, old-fashioned rom-com weepie, with attractive performances. Emilia Clarke charms as Louisa, or just little Lou, a young English woman desperate for work, who ends up looking after […]

Jun, 02

It Follows **** (2014, Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Lili Sepe, Daniel Zovatto, Jake Weary, Olivia Luccardi) – Movie Review

Writer-director David Robert Mitchell’s scary low-budget horror flick It Follows is creepy, clever and stylish. And if that isn’t recommendation enough, added to this it is just a little bit different, setting it out from the […]

Feb, 25

Walk Softly, Stranger *** (1950, Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Spring Byington) – Classic Movie Review 2024

Director Robert Stevenson’s 1950 romantic film noir stars Joseph Cotten as the hard-man small-time crook on the run Chris Hale, who arrives in Ashton, Ohio, home of the Corelli shoe factory, claiming to have lived there […]

Dec, 30

Where the Money Is **** (2000, Paul Newman, Linda Fiorentino, Dermot Mulroney) – Classic Movie Review 2018

Director Marek Kanievska’s 2000 caper thriller finds good work for Paul Newman, who is on the money as Henry Mannin, an old master criminal and legendary bank robber who manoeuvres himself out of jail and […]

Dec, 30

Butterfly Kiss *** (1995, Amanda Plummer, Saskia Reeves, Kathy Jamieson) – Classic Movie Review 1902

Director Michael Winterbottom’s scary 1995 British thriller stars Amanda Plummer as hysterical psychopath lesbian Eunice, who is walking from one filling station to another along the roads of northern England. Searching for Judith, the woman, […]

Nov, 29


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