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Day of the Dead *** (1985, Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Jarlath Conroy, Joseph Pilato) – Classic Movie Review 5779

Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Jarlath Conroy and Joseph Pilato star in this breathtakingly gory 1985 climax to writer-director George A Romero’s first three zombie films, which is too chatty for its own good, preferring to […]

Jul, 17

Night of the Living Dead *** (1990, Tony Wood, Patricia Tallman, Tom Towles) – Classic Movie Review 4841

This 1990 straight colour remake of George A Romero’s 1968 classic black-and-white horror film Night of the Living Dead is directed by his makeup expert Tom Savani, with a bigger budget and more gore, and […]

Jan, 04

White Zombie **** (1932, Bela Lugosi, Madge Bellamy, Joseph Cawthorn) – Classic Movie Review 4422

Director Victor Halperin’s haunting 1932 74-minute horror movie is cheaply made and poorly acted. But it is a vintage classic none the less thanks to its exotic sets, eerie atmosphere, strange music and weird images, […]

Sep, 27

Creature with the Atom Brain ** (1955, Richard Denning, Angela Stevens, S John Launer, Gregory Gaye, Michael Granger) – Classic Movie Review 3728

Richard Denning stars as police doctor Dr Chet Walker, who uncovers atomic-powered zombies when a scary Creature breaks into a gambling parlour and kills the owner, in director Edward Cahn’s jaw-droppingly bizarre 1955 crime, sci-fi horror […]

May, 21

The Unearthly * (1957, John Carradine, Allison Hayes, Myron Healey, Sally Todd, Marilyn Buferd, Tor Johnson) – Classic Movie Review 3660

John Carradine is typecast yet again in one of his long gallery of mad doctor scientists in director Brooke L Peters [aka Boris Petroff]’s plodding and very silly 1957 Sci-Fi chiller. It says much that […]

May, 04

The Astro-Zombies ½ (1968, Wendell Corey, John Carradine, Tom Pace, Joan Patrick, Rafael Campos, Tura Satana) – Classic Movie Review 3047

Incredibly dreadful 1968 Sci-Fi horror yarn, with Wendell Corey (as the investigating FBI agent Holman) and John Carradine (as the usual crazed doctor Dr DeMarco, who is making the Astro-Zombies) unfairly embarrassed. DeMarco is fired […]

Nov, 09

The Serpent and the Rainbow *** (1988, Bill Pullman, Cathy Tyson, Zakes Mokae, Paul Winfield) – Classic Movie Review 2872

Director Wes Craven tackles the darkly disturbing dreams of the undead in this creepy 1988 voodoo hokum carefully tailored for horror buffs. Bill Pullman stars as Dennis Alan, an anthropologist who goes to Haiti to investigate […]

Aug, 31


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